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Jun 14, 2017
This is a general guideline on how to use this portal effectively.

1. Click on "Admissions" above
2. Select the operation you wish to perform, that is any of the following: Apply for Admission, Reprint Admission Slip or Check Admission Status
a. For Applying for Admission, correctly fill the form and enter Scratch Card details where required. If successful, an acknowledgment slip will be generated for you.
b. In case you misplace your Acknowledgement slip, you can reprint by clicking, Reprint Admission Slip. Enter your Application Number and click Reprint.
c. To check your Entrance Examination Result or Admission Status, kindly choose the last option, enter your Application Number and Scratch Card details of our application card and proceed.

1. Click on "Check Result" above
2. Enter your Registration Number, if you have forgotten or don't have it, kindly click "I don't have my registration number?" below the Find Me button
3. Click "Find Me" to fetch your details
4. Confirm that record fetched are your data, if correct, click "Yes! Login"
5. On successful login, us the menu to navigate to operations (Check Result, Pay School Fees, Print School Receipt, Assignment and Classwork).

Ensure your experience on this portal.

Best regards.

SchoolSuiteNg Team.